Technology the Money Maker

Modern culture has been willing to accept that we don’t know everything at a much higher degree than past cultures. One of the glues holding modern culture together is an almost religious belief in technology and the methods of scientific research (Page 254). As time passed on, it became clearer that whoever held the most knowledge held the most power. The powerful knowledge was not found by scientists and mathematicians as you would expect reading the first part of this chapter. The biggest jumps in technology were made by craftsmen through trial and error. In todays day and age scientists do some research but the main progress comes from the military. They work on new technology to improve weapons, reconnaissance, and defenses. While researching they can find ways to improve civilian life.  

Once Monsanto became a biotechnology company, they had much more success than when they sold chemicals. They realized that the commodity market was more limiting than intangibles. The realization of owning the intellectual properties and shipping the labor to a cheaper industry overseas, was the biggest money-making decision these companies made. Modern science is always creating new technology and these new technologies provide money for corporations. If corporations own the patent or idea, they can make tons of money with little effort.

2 thoughts on “Technology the Money Maker

  1. I like how you equated science and technology to a kind of modern day religion. While not exactly the same, there is definitely this subconscious trust and belief in most people for them. It is also true about the military making some of the biggest advancements in science. I am not sure if that’s a good thing or not. On one hand, they’re funded very well and have motivation to advance technology, but on the other hand, said motivation is not always the best morally. It is true that not everything developed by the military exists to kill people, but a large portion of it at least contributes in some way or another.


  2. Science has for the longest time been intertwined with the growth of power and spread of empires. When science was used to justify expansion to the Americas by going to explore the different species of plants and animals, it wasn’t simply just done for science. It was a mutual win-win for the political and scientific communities. The empire gets to expand, and scientists get to have a field day with the potential discoveries they could make.

    With this kind of model, it does lead to both parties benefitting for the better. However, those left out in those camps tend to suffer, especially during European colonization. For one, when those empires came to colonize people, they often did so with little regard for their sovereignty and lives while scientists were too preoccupied with their studies to show concern.


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