Imagining Capitalism

This new order manifested in ‘imagined communities’: groups of people that feel like they are much closer than they technically are. This is extremely powerful for creating a sense of togetherness and pride for what we create as a nation. These imagined communities came after a period when actual intimate communities grew less common, and the public was left with an emotional gap. Coming initially from a place of genuine need, these imagined communities subconsciously became very important to how we interact as a society today.  These can be even stronger than physical nations, with borders haphazardly drawn long ago, showing testament to how powerful imagined orders can be for humankind. Nowadays strong loyalty shows itself in things like consumerism rather than actual bloodshed. 

Modern science shows itself in imperialism and capitalism because it is baked into the creation of all new technology. The industrial revolution gave way for a wave of new products and inherently granted a nation more power simply by being able to create more things. Specifically, this was a help to capitalism because of how much easier it became for global production to expand. In the last 500 years, global production has grown by about 240 times (Harari 305). This globalization also has its roots in imperialism, considering how many wars were fought over control of physical resources like oil. Oil was also impacted through modern science, with the creation of special compounds that helped further the industry into something that could be more consumer friendly.

2 thoughts on “Imagining Capitalism

  1. I really liked your line about how we show loyalty through consumerism rather than bloodshed. In modern times, we show allegiance to brands and goods and services that we support with our dollars and in some ways, how and where we spend our money can be as defining a characteristic as who or what we would have fought for back in the day. I also think what you said about countries that can produce more stuff = more powerful rings very true.


  2. Very well said about everything! I find myself agreeing a lot with Harari, but thinking about the future do you think that technological advances will only be pushed by imperialism and capitalism? Say we end up becoming a communistic society, would there still be scientific discovery. I guess Harari would say no. If there was no capitalism or imperialism we would revert back to caveman times. Also, what do you think that the next revolution will be? I honestly have no idea.


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