“Yeah Mr. White, SCIENCE!” And how science effects us.

The Scientific Revolution brought us into a new circling style of life. Science provides with new knowledge, that knowledge is used to gain power, and that power provides more opportunities for resources. The cycle begins as those new resources feed more scientific research. Harari illustrates this in his book on page 250. This important to note as in todays world science has now become an imagined order that acts almost as a cure all for any problem we may face. Even those whom are highly religious have some understanding of how science has been useful for making their lives easier. Technology like the iPhone, or Email, provides us this new ability to connect, and interact with each other that is unprecedented to this planet.

Which leads me to how this imagined order perfectly fulfills the goals of capitalism or imperialism. First capitalism. Products like the iPhone, computer, even the football, have had huge impacts on our society. All are meant to bring us closer together but at the same time, tends to divide us. When a new service or show pops up we’re inclined to check it out so that we can gain more information. We gain this information to either make our lives easier or to connect with other people. Today’s capitalisms isn’t necessarily trying to sell object or tools. Its trying to sell commonality. And since the scientific revolution we now have hundreds of resources that allow us to sell this commonality.

In Imperialism, the scientific revolution brought us new information on all sorts of subjects. Many of these were weapon research, human anatomy, topographical information, and even into complex physics and energy. All this information provides us the means to expand, and take. The often result of this conclusion is war, genocide, world destroying weapons, diseases, and most anything that would cause chaos and ruin to the human race. In todays world its always a race against who has the better science.

Elmore’s article on big oil companies brings some of the ideas I stated before and Harari’s ideas on The Scientific Revolution, into broader detail when applying the evolution and resource intake these oil companies have on our world. Fossil fuels and oil, fuel both our imperialist needs and our consumerist needs. Oil is a resource that we are constantly fighting for, while we also use it to sell cars, movies, toys, and iPhone cases, and as time goes on and the technology advances we’ll find ourselves milking these limited resources and fighting over new ones. Thus adding to the vicious cycle. Even when renewable energy becomes the new norm, there will be other planets and opportunities in space that will be the next focus. Assuming we get there in time.

What do all you think? How should we handle this cycle of scientific evolution?

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