Money, Power, and Science

The Scientific Revolution brought about a new line of thinking for humans as a whole: investing resources into scientific research and observations leads to obtaining new power than ever before. With the advent of this new revolution, science had become more closely bonded with the political and economical side of society. Not only were people beginning to realize that they didn’t have all the answers to life (around 1500 c.e.), but empires realized they could make a profit from science and use those funds to further expand their empire through science and capital. We see this with the rise of European imperialism and the invention of capitalism.

Modern science has since become intertwined with both Imperialism and Capitalism because each provides mutual benefits to each other. For example, In Harari’s Sapiens, modern science was beneficial to imperialist Europe. Countries such as Britain, France, and Spain set out to conquer to make new discoveries in science while also bringing their way of life to any inhabitants in the New World. There were also negatives to modern science and imperialism such as the establishment of the “Aryan Race” and how those of that race were biologically superior than others (mostly non-whites).This gave European nations an excuse to justify conquering other nations. An example of modern science assisting with capitalism comes from Elmore’s article about Monsanto, a major biotechnology business in the US. The company for the longest time made profits off of fossil fuels using a campaign that pitched the fuel, specifically coal tar, could be recycled and used as a cheap and effective way for modern chemistry. This exact pitch was used during WWI, and it greatly increased their profits after the war was over from a little over 300 thousand to 1.69 million (not adjusted for inflation).

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