Humankind is on a One Track Line Towards Entropy.

Money, empires and religions are a part of the great unifying force surrounding humankind. In the early days of humanity there were many people spread out over vast areas all speaking different languages or dialects, eating different things, hunting different animals, worshiping different gods, and experiencing different lives. Today much of humanity believes in different iterations of the same ideas. A higher percentage of people are Christians than at any point in history, almost everyone believes in the power of money, and there isn’t a place that the legacies of the western empires’ don’t touch. Money unifies people by giving them a common language, it makes trade easier and allows for cooperation between people who know nothing about each other. Money creates trust between otherwise unrelated individuals. Empires throughout their long history have swallowed up many a culture and incorporated it into its own, if unable to eradicate it completely. When empires fall they leave behind a homogenized mass, a thing entirely different from the multitudes of cultures they started from and groups unable to return to their original identities. Empires make everyone under their rule more similar to each other, further contributing to the unification of human culture. Religions are the most interesting in my opinion. For most of their history religions were small and local, not caring too much about the influence of some supreme being, not caring about converting the world to the worship of that supreme being. In the last two millennium that has changed, and with it religious demographics have changed. Monotheists are now the largest sector of humanity, not only do they believe in one god, they believe that anyone who does not believe in their god is blasphemous and in need of conversion. This new belief is another contributing factor to the unification of humankind. The system of worship has gone from hundreds of thousands of small religions to twelve major religions that most of the world adheres to. Humankind is headed towards a singular culture, while at the same time diverging into many little subgroups.

The reason we study history, according to Harari, is to understand that the world we live in is limited by almost nothing. History gives us an idea of how random the world we live in is, how much human decisions influence our world. History helps us understand that nothing is impossible, and that the future is impossible to predict.

2 thoughts on “Humankind is on a One Track Line Towards Entropy.

  1. I believe another reason that Harari sees value in history is because if we understand our past, we can understand how we ended up in the present we live in. To him, the future can take shape in many forms, and there is no “destined” path for humans to take. We see this with how money, empires, and religion have changed humans from being mostly independent and small-banded to becoming a unified and collaborative species. The path for humans seemed to be heading towards remaining nomadic and independent, but with a few major shifts of change, we’ve become who we are now.


  2. Hi! I want to start with saying, your blog post is very well written and flows beautifully. I’ve got a couple questions for you. When do you think humanity will be unified under one umbrella culture? I agree with a lot of things that Harari talks about in this book, but I’m not so sure that we will all be unified one day. Look at America, for example, we aren’t all unified, not even close. True we all are Americans, but not all of us are the super patriots that Harari may think we are. Another question, do you think that history is random? I don’t necessarily disagree with Harari but I don’t think that history is random. I think there’s been a path of events and decisions that have gotten us to this point in history. And, I believe that will continue forever or until humanity is wiped out.


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