Big Swords, Big Shillings, Big Pope

This week for class we read Sapiens Chapter 3 and were asked to reflect on a certain question on how, money, empires, and religion lead to globalization? Globalization is the process of different groups unifying together on an international scale to work together as 1 “unit” instead of being separated by interacting with only your local group of people. Money could be said to be the great unifier of the world which changed on a fundamental basis how we interact, the main way being allowing different groups of people to not have to work on favours and trust which are nebulous and unreliable and instead work with a standard that is agreed upon. (Harari C. 3.10) Next I will talk about empires and the influence on the development of the world. Empires are characterized by having large diversity of peoples and flexible borders which allow unlimited growth if the imperial government can handle the burden of increasing the land of the empire to which it belongs. (Harari C. 3.11) Over time empires made the unique characteristics of the different people under them blend together under a common identity which led to stability where another group could not manage so many distinct peoples. Finally Religion was the last unifying force for globalization. Religion played the role of legitimizing the different imagined orders in society like the laws we put in place and argued that they were the result of divine providence which allowed laws to legitimize and made people put aside some differences in order to seek the divine as a human group instead of an area group. (Harari C. 3.12)

In my opinion money empires and religion work like a strong glue which you can slap on different groups of people in order to organize them which is a universal solution.

2 thoughts on “Big Swords, Big Shillings, Big Pope

  1. Wish you fleshed your why each factor led to globalization as well as your own opinions about. But overall your correct in your analysis


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