We have money, power, metal, god, and sharp sticks!

Harari’s words on “The Unification of Humankind” is an interesting count of events from where we left off in the previous chapter. Going from the ideas of the cognitive revolution to the start of the agricultural revolution, humankind has moved from their way of life being based on evolution to now elements and power in culture. Even today in what history can can say is our own wireless revolution or.. THE POST ATOMIC ERA!!!!! as I would like to say; Still has our telling of history and our documenting of history based on our culture and maybe the current influences of our increasing technology.

But it is something said that the “Unification of Humankind” didn’t stem from culture… not yet at least. First humankind created the imagined orders which are basically belief structures that gave us smart monkeys our own perceived purpose. Over time human culture was developed through the influence of these beliefs. Humans who had good or impressive ideas on a belief gained the followers to build larger and larger cooperation between various groups. Other imagined orders like the value of money or the teachings of religion, led to humans having moral obligations to these structures, and how they work in new society. This changed the face of the earth because it was no longer strength or natural selection that determined your place in the world; It is the imagined orders we created to build our complex civilizations and expand, dominating the earth in the process.

Then to bring up what Harari wrote on page 241. I believe that Harari is breaking into the space time continuum theories here because; He doesn’t seem to believe that our path is written here, or if it is then there are many ways for us to get to the endgame. The importance of reviewing history not only for our own good, seeing that we don’t make the same mistakes, but to also help us think of new solutions to contemporary issues. Its important to understand what has been done to hopefully create the answer to what needs to be done. And finally studying the effect science has had on history will help guide us to understanding the future.

To my peers,

What do you think? Should us monkeys have discovered our imagination? Or do you think that we still are young as a species and we will grow over time?

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