Our Lives are Lies!

An imagined order is some sort of organization based solely on some belief or shared myths which motivate that population to cooperate effectively. It is able to facilitate large scale cooperation because if said belief system or myth is shared successfully throughout societies, they have something in common to work together for.  As soon as said myths start to vanish due to lack of belief, so does the order. Since science is a study of the physical and natural world it is somewhat the opposite of an imagined order and therefore does not require one to occur. Although we sometimes may question the fullness and reality of scientific discovery content in the news/media we can usually trust that if these scientists are giving real data, it can not be rebutted. Science has actually many similar characteristics to those of an imagined order. We try to educate society thoroughly on new discoveries and scientific advancements especially as they have increasingly been involved in climate change, medical cures and vaccines, and other fields that could change many people’s lives, and therefore shaping desires. Imagined orders are pressured influences through romanticism, nationalism, and even humanist myths originating centuries ago. Science is not trying to influence anyone to cooperate, science urges the population to be curious, ask questions, discover new things and record them thoroughly. It is until the misuse of words like “natural” vs “unnatural” that science is credited without being an imagined order. As religious and societal opinions developed and were shared their concepts shaped our beliefs.  We gave societal roles to biological differences. This diminished opportunity for many peoples and managed to place a very distinct and small few at the top. Humans evolved to satisfy their survival needs. Even though many women survived by their submissive characteristics then, women today do not need to use those strengths to get by, just as men no longer have a need for their ambitious, aggressive, and competitive natures that they so long ago developed. Those behaviors do not serve them well in a now very balanced and cooperative society. As women have so rapidly made such progress within the past 100 years in comparison to the past thousands, it is interesting to see how society continues to break down biological barriers when it comes to what political and societal imagined order is shaping to look like.

One thought on “Our Lives are Lies!

  1. Your ending point about men and womens old behaviors are not as useful now and the women’s progression over the past 100 years. I made a similar claim in mine, I feel as if these imagined orders are helpful in some ways but people follow these to an extreme and make these imagined orders very detrimental.


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