The Wonders of a Homo Sapien Mind

The advent of the Cognitive Revolution gave humans the opportunity to connect with others through stories including biblical ones. This allowed other humans to culturally connect with others even if they were from different parts of the world or even different tribes. An imagined order is when an order is embedded into the real world, shapes people’s desires, and is inter-subjective (ch. 6, pgs. 113, 114, 116).These further human cooperation because it brought many early humans together via stories and codes to follow and led to kingdoms and empires to be built. These stories shared by those who formed an empire kept humans together, thus they were more likely to cooperate towards the same goal. An example of an imagined order from Sapiens is the Code of Hammurabi in ancient Babylon. 

Imagined orders are a prerequisite for science because science came from the need to record data and information when empires were forming. Humans biologically don’t have enough capacity to store mathematical data unlike bees (ch. 7, pg. 120), so humans created a system to store numbers and figures. Early human society went from using numerical figures to store tax and population info to developing algebra and scientific equations to further understand society and the world as a whole. With that in mind, it’s safe to assume that science is indeed an imagined order because it brings people together and requires information to be stored in order to progress humanity. Science allows people all around the world to come together and cooperate with one another to figure out how the world works.

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