People come up with wacky ideas

In this week we started reading Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind a book by Yuval Noah Harari. One of the concepts in the book is the idea of Imagined orders which make you think deeply on what choices you are making. An imagined order could be described as a form of group think idea or structure which is purely in the void and not something physical. To explain you could think about the idea of what a nation is, its just a bunch of people deciding that from now on this is how people should act and it really is just only something everyone decides upon without having a physical representation like a lion or a tree. You can see and feel a lion or a tree but a nation is a concept and not a structure. Imagined orders facilitate the ability of large scale cooperation by giving a set of standards to use by default otherwise we would just be hunter gatherers due to not agreeing to settle down and live by more “civilized” rules, like dont go genocide the neighbors for their cows. (Harari C. 2.6 Building Pyramids)

I would argue that imagined orders are prerequisite to science as science was founded on the ability to settle down and gather resources for research in a group environment. Generally there is really no point in doing anything but surviving and working for yourself without a group or civilization, as science is generally only useful to fixed location people. I would also argue that science is not an imagined order as imagined orders are only concepts for how to act and respond to reality, whereas science is the rules of reality that were always around but are being discovered more and more instead of invented by people. (Harari C. 2.6 Building Pyramids)

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