A Tsunami of Imagination

The Cognitive Revolution allowed for larger-scale cooperation among humans because it resulted in “…new ways of thinking and communicating…” (Harari, pg. 21). As Harari explains, “[l]egends, myths, gods and religions appeared for the first time…” (pg. 24). These factors led to the development of different cultures. These cultures gave humans a common cultural factor to abide by which resulted in larger groups of humans coming together; spurring an increase in communication. When more people live, work, and communicate together, ideas circulate at a higher capacity; leading to new “…technology… organisational skills, and… vision[s]…” (Harari, pg. 63). An imagined order is “…[the belief] in a particular order not because it is objectively true, but because believing it enables [people] to cooperate effectively and forge a better society” (Harari pg. 110). In other words, an imagined order is the perceived social order within a society, and it furthers human cooperation by giving people a place within society. For instance, “Hammurabi’s Code asserts that Babylonian social order is rooted in universal and eternal principles of justice, dictated by gods” therefore justifying the division of people into genders and classes (Harari, pg. 107).

Imagined orders are not a prerequisite for science, nor is science an imagined order because science observes and explains the world around us by creating theories and experiments to support their hypotheses, not by creating myths to sustain a societal belief. However, science is impacted by imagined orders because of how engrained they are into our subconscious from the day we are born.

2 thoughts on “A Tsunami of Imagination

  1. Id have to disagree with the fact that you don’t see imagined orders as pre-requisites to science In your own blog post you stated ‘When more people live, work, and communicate together, ideas circulate at a higher capacity; leading to new “…technology… organisational skills, and… vision[s]…” ‘ This quote right here shows exactly how Imagined Orders are pre-requisites to science, because without imagined orders humans couldn’t cooperate on a large enough scale to make scientific progress. As we learned in the invention of air it takes a great deal of cultural, political, and economical influences to lead to the progression of science.


    1. You’re correct, and I realized I agreed with someone else’s post that Imagined Orders are a prerequisite for science when I made my comment. I do believe that imagined orders a pre-requisite because of how engrained they are into society. Re-reading my second paragraph now I can honestly say that I’m not 100% sure what I was thinking because you are right, I contradict my statement that imagined orders aren’t a pre-requisite and I definitely don’t believe that… I think I had a little brain fart when typing that part. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. I agree with your statement, and you are absolutely right!


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