Improvise, Adapt, Overcome?

            About 70,000 years ago, the cognitive revolution was sparked when Homo sapiens started to form more complex societal structures called cultures. Being that humans had such large brains and were at the top of the food chain, they became the first species to come up with religious and spiritual ideas, develop new languages to communicate, in addition to developing social roles in their respective cultures, which all assisted in creating more cooperation between humans. Social roles and religious values both fall into the category of an “imagined order”, which is a construct made up by humans that doesn’t necessarily have an objective backing but is still widely believed. One example of this was the agricultural revolution when big cities started to form and overcrowding began to occur. Myths and fantasies helped keep people grounded during this time, Harari described it as “…the human imagination was building astounding networks of mass cooperation” (Harari 103).  When it comes to science, I think that we accidentally/ignorantly incorporate imagined orders. Science at its core is meant to be objective and grounded on data and observation, but a society’s acceptance of that data can reinforce imagined orders. 

            I think that humans have created a lot of serious issues. Although a lot of those events are in the past, humans caused vast amounts of irreversible damage to the landscapes they lived on, in addition to many of the creatures that inhabited it, including themselves with some issues. Although many issues were created, I think that we get to a point where those bad circumstances become the new normal and people eventually adapt. I’m not saying this is necessarily a good thing, but I think it’s caused us not to learn our lesson when it comes to how we treat our surroundings. 

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Hello! My name is Chase and I’m a computer science major at Montana State University.

One thought on “Improvise, Adapt, Overcome?

  1. I’ve got a couple questions for you on imagined order and just humanity. You did call imagined orders ignorant but I was wondering are there any good imagined orders? Also what are your opinions on nations, are they a required imagined order? I totally agree with you on the point that imagined orders can be ignorant especially in science. I also agree that as a species we have caused a lot of detriment to the world. I really do hope that our generation is the one that starts to change things for the good, but that requires the world to become educated on the issues with humanity. Sadly, I think people will always be somewhat ignorant.


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