Technology and its Complexities

The invention of air undermines and disturbs all that has been solidified. It changed what has been processed and believed and creates a whole new thought on how we interact with one element. The invention of the air pump pumps fear into religion as it dissolves the hierarchy of society, which at that point looked towards religion as its base knowledge of thought and actions. One current example of a scientific or technological research that also holds social or political consequences could possibly be nuclear energy? It held great promise for scientists for both economical power and for the military. The bomb itself was such a force of power that it truly amazed the world that such a physical power could do so much damage, that once was only thought to be controlled by their gods.

A “technological fix,” or techno-fix is a new advance of technology that solves social and physical issues. Johnston gives the example of the development of an I closed street as a physical techno-fix. The development of no longer having open street cars, both solved the issue of getting fined, as well as the endangerment of people getting hurt.

“Irreversible consequences brought about by the applicant of science and technology are not only inherently but also intrinsically unpredictable” (Huesemann & Huesemann, 15). It is suggested that we should be cautious about techno-fixed, or technology itself, because it can have irreversible damage. Like all living organisms on this earth, there is a balance in which can not be disturbed or nature will counteract on the new technologies that change the environment. We like all animals to rely on the atmosphere and all are invaded within it. I think there can be a healthy balance of technology in this world and nature, but we are definitely balancing on a fine line between something possibly amazing or something catastrophically damaging. It is when techno-fixes are possibly environmentally damaging that we should be a little skeptical.

One thought on “Technology and its Complexities

  1. I want to start off by saying that your first paragraph was one of the most cleverly written things I’ve read in awhile. Let’s talk about religion, I wonder what the limit is on cooperation of scientific discovery and religion. You used two examples, the air pump and nuclear bomb. Religion is still around even though these things have been invented, heck scientists have done even crazier things than that. What do you think will cause the end of religion? A scientific invention or theory? Or will it ever happen?


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