Everything is Connected

Throughout the book we are able to maintain an image of the curious and collaborative scientist Priestley once was. As he pursued the air pump and different electrical machines it is mentioned that Priestley started to see how his discoveries may defy religious beliefs and threaten higher powers of government. I believe that these air pumps and machines were Priestley’s technological advancements to motivate others to ask questions and try new experiments themselves. “In the two centuries that have passed, both models (solo investigation and small societies) have become as rare and antiquated as one of Priestley’s electrical machines, replaced by the giant turbines of big industry and big government” (p. 160). We know that the models of the work environment that Priestley thrived in were alone or in small group meetings. If Priestley had lived under the right circumstances certain governments and religions could have completely intervened in his pursuit of these outside of the box thoughts and our progression of discoveries may have been prolonged however long. I believe that since his discoveries were so revolutionary at the time, Priestley knew that religions and governments may view this as a threat to their values and power. Now more than ever technology is developing at an overwhelming speed that our society and our earth struggles to keep up with. After reading the two outside articles, it became clear to me how connected technology and society/politics are. We continue to develop technologies that in return result in a detrimental impact on the environment. As we “progress” with these discoveries and tools to make our lives easier we are able to produce more resources, in result producing a greater population. Not only do these technologies have direct repercussions on the earth, but their mass-production rates to provide for such a large population has created a deficit of resources and the world will require government officials to create policies to save the planet.

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