Disturbing the peace

Governments and religions should fear technology as technology can create power. For almost all of mankind the two institutions that held power within any society were the church and the government. Oftentimes these two institutions were intertwined. This accumulation of power for thousands of years was only truly threatened with the advancement of technology. There is a wide variety of reasons for this. First one being the expansion of knowledge. For example the printing press allowed for a wide spread printing of the Bible which led to increased literacy but would later lead to religious wars as it was not only the catholic church who was interpreting the Bible. But shifts within these institutions are not the only consequence, with the expansion of technology comes the expansion of wealth, one independent of both government and the church. On page 113 of Johnson’s book he describes how Bringham is creating immense wealth. The old adage of “money is power” definitely rings true, and the wealth of this city threatens the hierarchy that has ruled there for hundreds of years.

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