Technology and Science: Improving Live While Threatening Power Systems

Governments and religion should fear air pumps and electrical machines because science reveals new knowledge that often contradicts what they establish. As we see with Joseph Priestly’s History of the Corruptions of Christianity, his original beliefs on Christianity were altered in light of new discoveries in science by himself. The publication caused a stir among the religious groups near Priestly, who attacked his name and discredited much of his scientific discoveries. These made the church feel threatened by him because they would lose power over the public as they had the highest knowledge. We also see the government become afraid of Priestly because of his ideas and discoveries such as better gunpowder. This can be threatening to governments as it can cause people to revolt against them. However, governments react by spinning the narrative and make it seem like the ideas spread are dangerous to humanity, thus inciting violence and putting the government in control yet again. With this in mind, it makes more sense why religious groups and governments react to discoveries that better humanity, such as how the current American government and some Christian groups discredit vaccines meant to improve human life. 

A techno-fix is when technology is developed to help with any social issue. Techno-fixes became popular after the war because they could be framed as new policies for politicians to enact while improving society. The use of techno-fixes also became popular because they were viewed as great responses for environmental and terroristic issues. However, according to Huesemann and Huesemann, people should be cautious of techno-fixes as they can lead to irreversible consequences and develop limitations, especially in reductionism. They believe that there is no way to fix everything in society and nature with tech or science because it would only delay the negative consequences associated with them.

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