A Dodged Bullet Can Always Come Back to Bite

Science and technology lay in their own realm. The combination of the two over time have created a force that truly has the potential to rival any way of thinking, crafted new approaches to certain problem solving methodologies, and even dictated what to believe in or put your faith behind. This includes the ability to rival any government and religion, the strongest bodies of order in our society; The power of science and technology as a force was supported by Priestly through the happenings he witnessed in his own government. Johnson writes about how the situation in Priestly’s home of Birmingham dramatically changed after new technologies from industrialization brought along more than just new systems of operation; “When those technologies arrived…the social transformation they unleashed was swift and violent” (Johnson 167). The new technology also affected religion, as religious ideologies were often at the center of many governments and still are today. Things like air pumps, electrical machines, energy produced from coal and more created new explanations for the way of the world, along with ways of potentially changing it. These innovations led to changes that created new possibilities as well as new answers to questions of any type of problem, whether that be a social or political one. Technology is capable of creating many new things and solutions to the world’s problems; as stated by Alvin Weinberg, “Social problems can be converted into technological problems” (Johnston 4). While theoretically this is true, there is always a catch; technology has granted us great power and the ability to create new ways of living life, it also allows us to cheat certain processes and now “…here we are at seven billion” (Huesemann and Huesemann Chapter 1). We may have been able to create solutions and dodge bullets, but it is important to remember that every dodged bullet is another one that could come back to bite.

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